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Current start sheets and past results can be found here, on the Masterscoredboard Start Sheets page.


Current members' handicaps can be found here, on the Masterscoredboard handicap listpage.


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Committee Members

Captain Iain Bain
Vice-Captain David Reynolds
Secretary/ Treasurer Pat O'Hara
Imm. Past Captain Andy Urquhart
Match Secretary Andy Urquhart
Match Committee David Reynolds
Match Committee Stephen Reynolds
Junior Convenor Frank Anderson
Social Convenor Muriel O'Hara
House Convenor Vacant
Business Manager Neil Higgins
Committee Rodney Johnston, Robert Gray, Gordon Drummond

Bar Opening Hours

Monday 1100-1500 & 1700-2100
Tuesday 1100-1500 & 1700-2100
Wednesday 1100-2100
Thursday 1100-1500 & 1700-2100
Friday 1100-2100
Saturday 1100-2100
Sunday 1100-2100

Clothing Range

Clothing Store

There is a range of clothing in various styles, sizes and colours available in the new Club Store.

New styles and designs will follow.

Roll of Honour

Year Club Captain Club Champion Handicap Champion Ladies Captain Ladies Champion Junior Captain Junior Champion Veteran Champion
2011 F.Anderson S.Drummond J.McCarthy E Byers M.Provan C.Reilly B.Donohoe A.Preston
2010 J.McTurk S.Drummond J.McLaughlin M.O`Hara M.Provan L.Donnachie B.Donohoe N.Meiklem
2009 R.Gray S.Drummond N.Cuthbert Jnr S.Sergeson M.Provan S.Reynolds B.Donohoe A.Deuchar
2008 A.Cowe S.Drummond P.Taylor Sheila Sergenson E.Provan D.Easton S.Reynolds W.Buist
2007 W.McLachlan S.Drummond N.Meiklem Mrs N.Beale Mrs S.Sergenson R.Ford R.Ford G.Adam
2006 D.L.Williamson R.Johnston M.Yuill Mrs M. M.Stronach Mrs S.Sergenson C.Brown R.Ford W.Smith
2005 A.MacMillan M.Muldoon M.Hughes Miss M.Provan Miss E.Provan A.Podmore G.Steele J.Robbie
2004 S.H.Richardson M.Muldoon F.Anderson Mrs G.Kennedy Miss E.Provan G.Steele G.Steele J.Aird
2003 A.Pllu C.Sarrison A.McLean Mrs L.Power Mrs M.M.Mitchell G.Steele S.Smith T.Gough
2002 D.McLean S.Drummond D.Smith Mrs L.McKinlay Mrs M.M.Mitchell C.Warren C.Warren -
2001 R.Johnston S.Tomlinson D.Williamson Mrs M.O'Hara Mrs M.M.Mitchell N.Russell N.Rae -
2000 J.Yuill J.Craig D.Williamson Mrs E.Dunsmore Mrs L.McKinlay N.Rae N.Russell -
1999 M.Salih S.Thompson F.McIlduff Mrs B.Drummond Mrs M.M.Mitchell Alan.Pllu Alan.Pllu -
1998 I.Dunsmore S.Drummond J.Stewart Mrs A.Buist Mrs M.M.Mitchell G.Robbie G.Robbie -
1997 D.S.A. Cooper S.Drummond J.Stewart Mrs J.Brown Mrs M.M.Mitchell D.Ford D.Ford -
1996 A.Y.Emans N.Ford - Mrs E.Dunsmore Mrs S.G.Coupland I.Lindsay J.Doherty -
1995 A.Y.Emans S.Gray - Mrs P.E.Gray Miss J.Quinn S.McGowan J.Doherty -
1994 A.H.F.Critchel S.Gray - Mrs J.J.Wiseman Mrs M.M.Mitchell Alex Pllu Jnr DMT.Carroll -
1993 J.H.Dunsmore S.O.Bell - Mrs M.Hutcheson Miss J.Quinn DMT.Carroll DMT.Carroll -
1992 A.H.Russell S.Gray - Miss S.Sheret Miss J.Quinn D.Bell D.Bell -
1991 J.F.Logan R.Johnston - Mrs D.Rudge Mrs J.J.Wiseman S.Drummond S.Gray -
1990 J.Manson G.Wilson - Mrs. M.McIsaac Mrs M.M.Mitchell B.Glen S.Gray -
1989 R.M.Dods G.Wilson - Mrs E.Russell Mrs M.M.Mitchell A.Dunsmore J.Hutchison -
1988 N.Grant G.Rankin - Mrs M.Sweeney Mrs Y.Green S.Dougan S.Dougan -
1987 J.D.Keenan G.Rankin - Mrs C.Grant Mrs C.M.Mitchell D.McClusky G.Casey -
1986 W.J.Green F.Hutchison - Mrs M.M.Stronach Mrs C.M.Mitchell G.T.White BJ.Sweeney -
1985 R.K.Blair F.Hutchison - Mrs Y.Green Mrs C.M.Mitchell J.Walker AK.Lindsay -
1984 R.S.M.McVean G.Wilson - Mrs M.M.Mitchell Mrs M.M.Mitchell A.Earsman J.Walker -
1983 D.V.Wishart A.Buchanan - Mrs A.G.McCubbin Mrs B.J.Maughan J.Bell R.Johnston -
1982 H.Urquhart A.Buchanan - Mrs A.G.McCubbin Mrs M.Mackie J.Punton J.Cairney -
1981 A.Prete A.Buchanan - - - G.StronachJnr G.Stronach Jnr -
1980 G.Stronach J.Thompson - - - CW.Lyons J.Parker -
1979 G.Hutcheson J.Thompson - - -   J.Punton -
1978 J.Duncan J.Thompson - - -   A.Buchanan -
1977 J.Stuart G.Hutcheson - - -   A.Buchanan -
1976 R.Pearson R.McDowall - - -     -
1975 R.Pearson   - - -     -

Palacerigg Golf Club : Palacerigg Country Park : Cumbernauld : Glasgow : Lanarkshire : G67 3HU
Phone : 01236 734969